Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tutorial: Jewelry Organizer

I saw a picture of something similar to this jewelry organizer somewhere out there in blogland, and it inspired me to make my own. My jewelry wasn't this organized before, so I am excited to have it hanging in my Vogue bathroom now!

First, I took a framed canvas (but you could use a regular picture frame) that someone gave me, and painted it black. It took four coats because the gold kept showing through.

After the first coat...it would look pretty like this too, but it wasn't the look I was going for...

Then I stretched out the fabric over the front of the canvas and used my staple gun to staple the fabric to the back of it. Like my lounge pants? I like to be comfy when I'm doing projects! :o)

Luckily, we happened to have some chicken wire laying around since my husband just built us a chicken coop! I used wire cutter and cut some chicken wire to the size I needed to cover the frame just like I did with the fabric. It can also be stapled to the back of the canvas for a strong hold.

Then I put the frame back into the canvas, and hung it back onto the wall. I usually never have these framed canvases laying around, so if you don't either, you can use the cardboard that came with the frame or cut your own piece to size and cover it with fabric and chicken wire.

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