Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Super Simple Apron Tutorial

Aprons...aren't they cute? And practical? And cheap to make! They make a great gift, and are a cinch to make!

I had a leftover piece of fabric from the jewelry organizer project I posted here, so I decided it was the perfect size to make an apron. I had some leftover black and white polka dot fabric from a skirt I made a while ago, so I decided I could use that to add a ruffle to the bottom.

First, find a rectangle of fabric, any size you think may work for yourself or whoever you are giving the apron to. Fold over the seams, and pin in place. On your sewing machine, stitch the seams.

Note: You can leave the "bottom" of the rectangle alone, no need to do a seam because the ruffle will be sewed onto it later.

Next, cut a strip of fabric that is twice the length of the rectangle you just sewed. Make sure it is about 4-5" thick. Fold over one side and pin, then stitch on sewing machine.

On the opposite side that you did the seam, change your stitch to the widest stitch on your sewing machine, then stitch (do not do the reverse stitch as you are going to be pulling the thread). Once the wide stitch is done, take one end of thread that is hanging and start pulling, so that the fabric ruffles.

Once the entire strip is ruffled, pin onto the rectangle, right side facing each other and stitch.

Now, work on the straps by cutting small strips of fabric (mine were about 12" long each - need two of them). Fold over edges and stitch for clean edges. Sew onto apron.

Don't you love the ruffl-ey bottom? :o)

And voila...a cute, girly apron that was super simple!

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