Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dishing It Party: May Edition

Amanda over at Serenity Now is having another Dishing It Party! I always get excited for her blog parties every month because I hope that it beings new peeps to my little blog world!

So, the topic this month is Mother's! Very fitting for this coming Sunday!

~What's the best thing about your mom?
She is a great listener. When I need to vent, or advice, she is always there! She is gracious and kind. Everyone loves her!

~If your mom isn't around, do you have a family member or mentor who can stand in for her?
My mother in law is pretty awesome!

~What's your relationship with your mom like (do you just tolerate each other, or is she your best confidant)?
She and I have always been very close

~If there is one quality about your mom that you could emulate, what would it be?
Her gracefulness

~What's the best advice your mom has ever given you?
Too much good advice to list here. Whatever I was going through, she had some good advice for me every time I swear!

~Describe the most embarrassing outfit your mom made you wear when you were growing up.
When I was about 12 years old, my parents made me wear this HEINOUS dress to church. I remember I was so embarassed to go. I battled with them all morning, pleading and begging to not to have to wear it. It was a black, green, red, and white plaid dress that made me feel like I was a pioneer. I really to this day don't know why they made me wear such awful drab!

~If you're a mom, what's your favorite thing about motherhood? What's the most difficult?
I love all the loves I get from my kiddos. I love to hear their laughter, and I love to see their excitement. It makes me so happy. For me, patience would be the hardest! I think that I struggle in this area. I pray every day for more patience!

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  1. I pray for patience every day too! I love my little bugs but sometimes they are stink bugs and not love bugs! Your mom sounds like an amazing woman! Happy Mother's Day!