Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Repurposed Dress

I made my mom an 8" x 10" jewelry organizer for her birthday (similar to the one I blogged about here), but it was too small for her vast collection of jewelry. So, I decided to make her a bigger one out of a canvas print that I had just waiting to be repurposed. I also was given a cute dress that didn't fit me, but it had a cute print so I was also saving that for a project. Mix those two things with a little chicken wire I had out in the garage, and this is what I made...

Because there were seams all over this dress to make it "flouncy", I couldn't get away with not having a seam in the fabric, which you can probably see. I am going to make some cute little flowers that clip onto the wire to cover it up.

The concept was the same as my original tutorial...just minus the frame.

Cut fabric to size of desired covering, leaving edges to wrap around canvas or photo frame cardboard.

Do the same with chicken wire. May use tape or a backing so you don't stab yourself with the sharp edges.

Then it's ready to hang. They'd also look cute with embellishments like fabric flowers!