Wednesday, September 1, 2010


When I saw this wreath that Jen made over at Tatertots & Jello, I felt like doing a post about wreaths. It seemed to me in the past that wreaths weren't cool anymore and that they were outdated! I quickly realized how wrong I was, especially as I've seen a lot of cute wreaths out there in the craft blog world! When my mother-in-law recently had a garage sale, I noticed that she was getting rid of some brand new wreath forms so I snatched them up and plan to make some wreaths as Christmas gifts with them!

You can find Jen's wreath tutorial here

I would have never thought you could wrap yarn around a wreath form and it would turn out so cute! This wreath was made by KnockKnocking and can actually be purchased here

A combination of ribbon and felt make this cute wreath! This was made by Handmade Colectibles and can be purchased here

I love this whimsical wreath! For Halloween, wouldn't it be cute to make a black feathered one with a little black crow on it? This one was made by Gracefully Girly and can be purchased here. She makes them in a few different colors too!

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  1. Thanks Amanda for featuring my wreath! I actually have a Halloween theme black feather wreath with a glittered "BOO" on satin ribbon. At my OWN home I DO have a little black crow nestled in to another decoration. I love your idea! I'll have to move it to my wreath.
    xo Kimberlee of Gracefully Girly