Friday, September 3, 2010


I hate having a sore throat! The past few days I've felt like someone has taken a pipe cleaner wrapped with barbed wire and used it in my throat like a chimney sweep! No fun, and I can't afford to slow down!

Anyhow, you know how I love Martha Stewart? And that I saw her in person when I went to two different tapings of her show in New York City? Prior to seeing her in real life, I was watching her show daily. It all started when I had my first daughter Payton and I suddenly became a stay at home mom (and I was available to watch TV in the morning rather than at my desk working away on kitchen cabinet details) when I became addicted to her show that was packed full of homemakers' bliss! Ok so, back to the NYC trip...I was with my mom and my sister sitting in her studios and I remember when she walked into the studio kitchen and was chatting with the chefs working away before the filming began...seeing her in person was one of the coolest things! There she was, in the flesh! Not on my TV screen, just like I had seen her every day for the past year, but standing right in front of me. And because we got there early, we got VERY good seats so I was right up front! Alice Waters was there so we all received copies of her awesome cookbook that had just been released, and there was also some firefighters there as it was National Fire Prevention Week. After the awesome episode taping, she took questions from her audience and I wanted so badly to ask her something, anything, but I chickened out! Luckily, my graceful and confident Mother sitting next to me didn't hesitate to raise her hand and ask her what kind of Christmas gifts would be best for the people who already have everything i.e. my Grandparents!? I remember Martha telling her that unique and handmade things would be best, but I still couldn't believe that Martha Stewart was standing there having a conversation with my MOM! It was real neat, and hopefully I can make it back there again. In my book, Martha is a legend and so to have seen her in the flesh and for my Mother to have spoken to her was amazing.

On another note, I think it would be super intimidating to be her Interior Designer buddy, just as Kevin Sharkey is. He recently designed his whole living space in Manhattan and there are a few things that I can find inspiration from.

For example, a few strokes of a paintbrush on some MDF for artwork on the walls above the sofa...

Or I like these simple yet playful framed color blocks...

You can read the full article here about Kevin's apartment transformation. It all looks so beautiful!


  1. Thanks for linking up to my pity party! So fun that you've gotten to go to a few tapings. It's on my "someday list!" xo, Mique

  2. That is so neat! I'm from New York and bring my husband back from time to time, I;m in Idaho now. But I don't think he'd enjoy the show as much as me! :)