Monday, September 13, 2010

Sage's Felt Playhouse

Sorry for the lack of posting this past week. Other than getting over strep throat, I had a lot to do for my church responsibilities as well as crafting away for my twins' 2nd birthday! They turned 2 years old on Saturday, 9/11. My goal for this year is to make each child a felt playhouse for their birthday instead of buying them toys. I was able to make Sage's pink playhouse, while I am still working on Sawyer's. I felt bad that Sawyer's wasn't ready for their birthday, but I don't think he cared! Here are some pictures of Sage's felt playhouse that I made...

The front is probably my favorite. I love the little poodle patch I bought for $4. I also love the little mail envelope. I meant to make a door, but ended up not and I think it still looks good.

I cut out the birds from the leftover fabric I used for my kitchen curtains. The fabric comes from IKEA, and it worked out perfectly for the little bird bath.

This is the back of it, and I wanted to add a real cut out window, but I knew they'd try to crawl in and out of it and end up wrecking it, so I settled for a felt window. As you can see, I need to go back and iron on the felt to adhere the Heat N' Bond better. It takes a little bit longer over felt.

I cut out each leaf individually, so it took forever for this side! The butteflies were on another fabric I had laying around and so I thought they'd be cute!

And here is a picture of them chowing down on their birthday cupcakes. They are still shirtless because we had just eaten spaghetti!!! It was a good birthday!

I spent about $67 in materials for both playhouses, so I figured each one costs about $33 to make...not too bad for a cool little play fort! I bought felt fabric and used Heat N' Bond that I found at Wal-Mart to adhere each little detail on it. The only sewing was to stitch together the actual sides and top of it.

Here is a website that has a tutorial on how to make your own playhouse:

Fireflies and Jellybeans


  1. Your playhouse is ADORABLE! Happy birthday to your twins! And I hope you are feeling better - strep is not fun. It seems like I get it every year!


  2. It seems to me you've gotten a lot done, considering you had strep especially! Hope you are feeling much better!

    That playhouse is way too cute! What an awesome birthday gift for your sweet girl! Way better than some plastic thing you could buy at any ol' store!

  3. Amanda, I love the house! How cute is that!? :) You are so creative, and oh-so-talented woman!