Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cookie Monster Themed Birthday Party

I have this super talented friend named Ruby who never ceases to amaze me with what she can do and whip up! This past weekend, we went to her 2 year old daughter's birthday party, and it had a Cookie Monster theme. I was blown away with all the handmade decorations, the cake, and all the thought and effort that went into everything. It all looked SO amazing. Here are some photos from the fantastic party...

Isn't that cake the coolest?

Ruby made her daughter Hune that blue tutu!

Ruby and Hune

There were so many other cool things there that Ruby made, like chocolate cookie monster pops, and mints scattered on the table with stickers of her daughter's face on them. That girl has got some talent!

And this is another cake that Ruby made for her sister in law. Isn't she great? And by golly, super talented!


  1. That is SOO cute!! I am having an Elmo themed party..I made the whole cast of Sesame Street Hats! Including Cookie Monster:)

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