Thursday, July 15, 2010


Sorry I've been MIA this whole week! I'm in charge of these activities for the ladies at my church that take place once a quarter, and last night was one of them...which has kept me pretty occupied this week. Usually the few days leading up to these activities have me running around town picking up things and preparing for them. So, please forgive me for the lack of posting!

Something I've always wanted to try is applique. I love that you can take a plain old shirt and turn it into something cute. I think you could make some cute baby onesies or kids' shirts by doing some applique. You could also use applique on throw pillows, tea towels, or blankets. If you can trace, use scissors, and do a basic stitch on a sewing machine, you can applique!

Here are some examples of some applique projects:

Helping Little Hands made this little tractor shirt for her son...

Pin and Paper made these cute sweatshirts...

Don't Look Now spruced up this blanket with some flower applique...

And here are some free applique websites that have printable templates you can use 'til your hearts content:


Make Your Own Baby has stuff especially for baby clothes or nursery decor...

Isn't this whale the cutest?

Hope you have a nice day! I'm heading to the river to lounge in the sun!

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