Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Color Scheme

Yesterday I had so much energy I barely sat down! I was a busy bee all around the house...I finished sewing my kitchen curtains, I steam cleaned the carpets, tackled a week's worth of laundry, and baked up a storm!

I'm currently working to add some new colors to my family room/kitchen. Currently, they consist of chocolate brown, orange, and off-white. I want to add some golden yellow and teal...and these are some of the fabrics I have in mind...

Added to a color scheme of...

Sometimes, just adding one more accent color to a room can make a HUGE impact and make it feel totally different!

I am a little worried that the curtain fabric I just used is a little too bright of yellow, but I won't know until the whole space is put together. Remember the RIT dye fiasco? I ended up dying it marigold to fix it, knowing that I was going to introduce those colors into the space, and it just came out a little we'll see how it all ends up!

Since I live in a small town, one of my favorite places to order fabric from is Fabricworm. There are a huge variety of fabrics to choose from!

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