Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Here are some photos of my kitchen curtains that I've recently made, like promised! Aren't they wild? I got the fabric from IKEA, and originally the bird fabric was white, so I tried to dye it off-white. It turned out to be a horrible mistake because it came out peach. So, after trying to remove the peach color, and 5 washes later, I just decided to go with a marigold yellow since I am introducing that color into the adjacent family room anyways. If it were my choice, the curtains wouldn't be this bright yellow, but they would be the off-white color I wanted! All well, live and learn, right?! I still like them, I just have to tie them in better by introducing more yellow elsewhere.

As for the rest of the kitchen...see what I am currently dealing with? This is our crapped up dining table that is getting a burlap cover sewn for it VERY soon!

Oh, and look at our lovely linoleum...isn't is just heinous? That is also going to be replaced hopefully in the near future. My husband Danny wants a slate tile kitchen floor, which I think would look great!

Our kitchen has come a LONG way since we first moved in. It had original cabinetry from the 1960's, and the layout was horrible. Lucky for me, Danny is handy and remodeled everything himself. So, as you can see we still have many projects cut out for us. It will get there, but in the meantime, I just have to live with some of the ugliness this kitchen is offering!

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