Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Millions of Peaches...

I've had huge bursts of energy lately that have helped me get so much done around the house! Today I spent the morning canning the 50 pounds of peaches that I bought last week (This is only half the jars that I ended up with!). My kids will gobble these up, and I can make peach cobbler and peach crisp, and smoothies...Yum!

I've also decided to challenge myself by eating out of our pantry and food storage supply for the next week or two. I found a small can of dehydrated peas that my mom had passed on to us (she gave us a ton of their food storage since they don't need as much with just one child left in the house). Anyhow, this little can of dehydrated peas holds 25 servings! I couldn't believe it! So, we will be trying some of these decade-old peas tonight with dinner. I also opened up a can of 20 year old sugar to make some cookies, and it is just as bit as fresh and good as sugar on the shelves today. That is why I love food preserving and home canning!

And ps... See those white beans in the pot behind the peaches? Those are also 20 year old beans that I am slow cooking with a ham hock to make a soup for dinner tonight! :)

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