Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It's about time!!!

We bought this house three years ago almost exactly. Right before we moved in, the sellers had half the house re-sided, and our intentions were to paint on a new exterior color immediately. Well, life happens and we had other priorities, so we went with a half painted house for 3 years! At first, we were going to paint it sage green (too much green in our neighborhood!), then banana cream yellow, then this medium brown natural bark color. When we went to buy the paint yesterday trying to buy the medium brown color that we wanted, we ended up with this color...and I like it!

I'm so excited that we are finally giving our exterior a facelift! We are also going to be refreshing the trim with a crisp white, buying new contemporary house numbers and placing them in a new location, and then adding some white window boxes under the two left bedroom windows for architectural interest. It's always bugged me how our house is a basic rectangle, so we're trying to step it up a notch and make it look a little cuter.

It seemed like when we first bought this house, everything was blue and white, so I think that was their favorite colors! I am slowly but surely weeding it all out and trying to warm up the space!

Anybody else out there have unfinished projects that are still lurking around? Heaven knows I need to finish this chair makeover that I've been trying to finish this past week. Hoepfully I can post about it in the next few days!

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  1. Funny.... I never noticed! Can't wait to see the facelift!