Monday, August 23, 2010

Cork Boards

I have a Back to School themed acticity planned for the ladies at my church coming up in the next few weeks, and one of the projects that we are going to doing is making corkboards. As I scoured the internet for diy corkboards, here are 3 cute examples that I found. Now, which one should we make...

I like how this one simply entails repainting a frame, and adding cork. Check it out here at The Enrichment Cottage

I like the simplicity of these. They are simple and cute, and I love the colors she used. Made by Michelle over at The Land of the Misfit Toyz

This one is also cool! You could customize it to any initial, and it would be cute in any room! You can find it over at Family Fun


  1. So when is this RS activity? We'll be down in the next couple weeks! Maybe I can craft with you!

  2. i love these! i think corkboards can be so useful but not always so lovely...these ones are! so cute!

  3. It is on September 8th I think. Whatever that wednesday is of that week. It would be awesome if you were here for it! They are always fun!