Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tutorial: Halloween Crow Wreath

Since I have a stash of wreath forms that I scored for free from someone's garage sale, I've had a Halloween wreath in mind to make...with black feathers and a crow! I bought the feather boa off ebay for $3, and the crow came from the Dollar Tree, but everything else were things I had on hand. So, the total for this project for me was $4!

Here are some of the materials you will need:

A wreath form (Dollar Tree sells them in a 2-pack if you need to pick some up!)

Scissors, Glue Gun, and Fabric Circles cut to 3 different sizes (small, medium, and large)

A Crow (Dollar Tree)

Long strips of Black fabric, about 3" wide, 2 Black Feather Boas - I would have prefered using two black feather boas, but since I only had one, I opted to use a fuzzy black scarf that someone recently passed on to us.

Start by wrapping the black fabric strips around the wreath form to cover it up. Use the glue gun and glue every so often as you go.

See how mine was just a smidge short? I didn't really care because I knew it would be covered up by the boa and scarf.

Then I wrapped the scarf and boa around it, but I didn't like the way it looked, so I had to start over and re-make it! It would have worked if my feather boa was longer, or if I had more of them so there weren't any gaps! It is one way to do it (and probably a little easier), but I just didn't have the resources.

I decided it would look better this way...Lay your wreath on the table, and wrap your first boa (or in my case, fuzzy scarf) around the edges of it, gluing is down with the hot glue gun as you go.

Then take your other feather boa and start wrapping it around the top of the wreath, gluing it down as you go.

This is what mine looked like when I was done.

Then I started taking the fabric circles and started gluing them down on top of eachother to give a flower-like effect...

I really like the way it turned out!

I glued the crow's feet to the wreath, and adjusted him to look just right!

It covers up my monogrammed window, but that's ok! I think it looks cool on my door!

Now go sweep up all your stray feathers!

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