Friday, October 8, 2010

Make your own Dry Erase Board

I had a load to take to the thrift store...and amongst the stuff was this heinous looking dry erase board that my sister left, so my mom gave it to us to get rid of. Well, my lil' Payton started having fun drawing pictures on it, and so I told her I would make her a cuter dry erase board, as I snuck it out to the car to take away. Somehow it ended up back in my house, and we have both the one I made, as well as the ugly one. Maybe someday soon I can get rid of it without her caring!

Old one:

All you really need to make your own dry erase board is a picture frame in whatever size you desire, scrapbook paper (cut to size for frame), and some dry erase markers. You could go way fancier than I did and add embelishments to the frame and attach the marker somehow. I just kept this one super simple. The glass from the picture frame acts like a dry erase's easy to wipe off marker.

Here is Payton with it! She still likes the older one because it is bigger!


  1. Very cool idea. I like how the paper makes it that much cuter. Oh, and how very unlike Payton to hide when a camera it out!

  2. um, that was my dry erase board I left, I bought it cause it hooks up to an Ipod and duels as a stereo! hahaha it's WAY cute Amanda, you did way great!