Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Please pardon my absence during the month of November...I was feeling very uninspired and not very creative! I need to get my booty back into gear though because I have many Christmas presents to craft and sew for my friends and relatives. I love this time of year. My house has been filled with warm fires in our wood stove, hot chocolate almost every night, and family movie nights watching our favorite Christmas movies. After Balck Friday, I am officially done Christmas shopping for all three of my kids, and now I need to focus on my husband Danny! It feels good to be done with the's easy because they are all so young still.

One thing I wanted to talk about today was color-coordination. Oftentimes, when you see a beautifully decorated room for Christmas, it is usually color-coordinated which makes it look very cohesive. Last year, I decided that I would stock up on Christmas decorations right after Christmas, when they were all on clearance. I wanted a pretty, color coordinated theme, and I went for greens, silvers, and golds (Mom has blue and silver, and I wanted to be a little different). Although we haven't decorated yet, I am excited to bust out all my new decorations I purchased. We always cut down our own tree up in the mountains, and so we don't want to do that too early so we'll still have a tree on Christmas day! If you are having to shop for decorations this year, or are even waiting until the after Christmas clearnance, like I did, then think about a color pallette that you'd like, and stick to buying decorations in those colors. Variations of the colors look nice too. Here are some examples of some different color palletes...

See what I mean? See how pretty it looks when they color-coordinate?

All images courtesy of Martha Stewart

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  1. Hey my future design lady! ;) Hope all is well. I miss your posts! Come over one of these days!